UpRight your Body Language

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Watch this video to see the influence of an upright position on your success:

How to use Humor in Presentations

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Discover how to use Humor to Entertain a Business Audience:

Speakers on this webinar:
Award-winning Director and British Comedian Logan Murray and Patryk Wezowski & Kasia Wezowski (World’s #1 Body Language Experts for Business)

Body Language of Crows

The Body Language of Crows is similar to humans. Crows create lasting love relationships and they need cuddling like humans. So what they do, they scratch each others neck and it this way they show affection.
Sometimes they have also marital fights, but thanks to being able to read non-verbal communication they can end the fight by scratching each others neck.

Have a look at this fun video:

Body Language For Poker Players

Poker is a game of subtleties. While the luck of the draw obviously has some bearing, much of it actually has to do with deceiving opponents, figuring out people’s tendencies and reading their tells. And as you probably guessed, a lot of that has to do with understanding their body language.
Body language, for the most part, is the best indicator of what kind of cards your opponents have and what strategy they have in mind. This is especially true for advanced players, who have learned to manage their betting patterns and strategic tells. In these cases, reading and figuring out their body language can frequently make the difference between making a good or bad play. Read it right and you can make the correct decision. Read it wrong and you’re setting yourself up for a big loss.

Project Confidence With Your Body Language

Learning how to project a confident body language is very beneficial in more ways than one. When you are perceived as confident, people react accordingly. They trust decisions, they get behind your actions and they believe what you have to say. Confidence is mesmerizing. That’s why it’s almost always the confident person who gets the job, makes the sale and succeeds in life.

Identify Lies And Call Them Out: What To Expect

It takes a lot of effort to lie with a straight face, much less a neutral body language and an inconspicuous tone. As such, it isn’t all that difficult to tell when someone is lying most of the time. The trick is to see past the words and pay keener attention to their nonverbal communication.

Are there people who can pass off a lie for a truth even against keen observation? Chances are, yes. Heck, you see well-rehearsed politicans and public speakers do it all the time, especially once they get drilled and trained in acting out earnest body language. They do come few and far between, though, especially when it comes to people in your life. A lot of the time, you’ll be able to catch folks on a fib by simply watching for specific cues.

Women’s Workplace Body Language: Things To Avoid

Not being taken seriously in the workplace?  It’s a problem plenty of women have, all while being unable to exactly pinpoint what they’re doing wrong.  The reasons, of course, could be any of a thousand (or ten thousand even).  Sometimes, though, the culprit just might be in your body language.

Workplace body language, for the most part, is the vernacular of office politics.  It’s how you communicate those things that don’t get talked about in the open.  Actions and gestures let people know the kinds of things reports and statistics don’t quite show.

Increased awareness of how you stand, act and use other nonverbal signals can affect the way people perceive you in the office.  Ignoring how you communicate nonverbally can leave you committing the same mistakes over and over.  Pay attention and you give yourself a chance to  develop positive habits down the line.

How To Use Body Language To Ace Job Interviews

A strong cover letter and a killer resume can secure you a job interview. Once that face-to-face happens, though, those two things won’t carry as much weight as what you do and what you say during the interaction. Your presentation and your body language will be the tools that can give you the edge, especially when vying for a competitive position.

First thing to remember: If you got the interview, the employer thinks you’re qualified. So don’t be bashful, don’t be scared and don’t be afraid to act confident. In fact, they expect you to be confident and conduct yourself like you know what you’re doing — that’s why they’re giving you a sit-down in the first place.

Useful Body Language Tips For The Workplace

Want to use body language to improve the way you perform in the workplace? These tips should help.

Boost Confidence

The best way to boost confidence quickly (albeit temporarily) is to assume an authoritative pose. You can do this whether you’re sitting or standing by simply taking as much space as you can without apology. Find the most comfortable pose you can get yourself into, using as much space as is necessary and relax.