Women’s Workplace Body Language: Things To Avoid

Not being taken seriously in the workplace?  It’s a problem plenty of women have, all while being unable to exactly pinpoint what they’re doing wrong.  The reasons, of course, could be any of a thousand (or ten thousand even).  Sometimes, though, the culprit just might be in your body language.

Workplace body language, for the most part, is the vernacular of office politics.  It’s how you communicate those things that don’t get talked about in the open.  Actions and gestures let people know the kinds of things reports and statistics don’t quite show.

Increased awareness of how you stand, act and use other nonverbal signals can affect the way people perceive you in the office.  Ignoring how you communicate nonverbally can leave you committing the same mistakes over and over.  Pay attention and you give yourself a chance to  develop positive habits down the line.